Invast Hotels advises property companies, development companies, hotel operators and other operating companies on more strategic activities such as:

  • Feasibility and Market Studies
  • Second opinion/boardroom consultancy
  • Asset management

Feasibility and Market Studies

To better estimate the financial success of a new development, it is advisable to test the possibilities against the market situation and to identify the needs. This provides a better insight into the risk of the planned development or purchase and makes decisions about often larger investment amounts more transparent.

To assess and coordinate the plan, one or more meetings will be held before drawing up the feasibility study. The interim results will be discussed with you before the final report is issued. This report will be concise and to the point, based on the principle that practical implementation is indeed possible, provided the result is positive. Invast Hotels aims for reports where superfluous listings are omitted and practical applicability is the main theme.

Second opinion/boardroom consultancy

A second opinion on a study that has already been carried out may be desirable to further reduce any doubts. This doubt can arise from the assumed correctness of previous research, as well as to increase the certainty of the results by combining different insights. This will increase transparency in terms of risk assessment.

Invast Hotels also assists management boards on strategic topics such as expansion, portfolio accrual and disposal and repositioning, both research-based and often also in brainstorm-like settings. Invast Hotels forces the issue in such situations, resulting in choices and decisions.

Asset management

For hotel proprietor and landlords, Invast Hotels can offer support in the field of asset management, often at a strategic level. Especially for proprietors who are not located near their hotel and/or property, or who are engaged in other activities, we are committed to optimising the letting or operation of the property, thereby optimising the cash flow from these activities. Please contact us to outsource your asset management and allow us to realise added value for your property.




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