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Invast Hotels maintains ongoing contacts with active market players from the Netherlands and abroad to discuss letting requirements. We set ourselves apart thanks to our in-depth knowledge and many relationships. Our distinctive character manifests itself from the very start of the letting. To ensure a strong start, we ensure that a clear and unambiguous letting proposition is compiled, in which the various letting options are described. This letting proposition includes all basic principles, such as those generating maximum results for you as a landlord or developer.
We play a role as an advisor and intermediary in the letting of both existing hotels and new developments. When discussing the letting, we do of course also advise on:

  • Rent
  • Letting conditions
  • Demarcation: what part of the let property is the responsibility of the tenant/landlord
  • Compulsory payment for fixtures and equipment left behind in the event of existing operations
  • Sales value and sales potential

Invast Hotels has let buildings and hotels in many parts of the Netherlands and is able to realise the successful letting of hotels in any region.

Unique: the annual update

As part of the letting arrangement, you can also opt for the possibility that Invast Hotels remains involved during the term of the rental agreement. We will hold annual reviews during which we will discuss the state of affairs with you and, where possible, make proposals to improve the current situation and strategy. This ensures continuity in our involvement combined with advice on the rental situation during the term of the rental agreement.



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