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A client often selects a valuer based on price comparison. In addition, a valuation is often perceived as an obligation to achieve a specific goal such as funding or a balance sheet valuation. However, there can be major differences depending on the company that carries out the valuation. The proprietor himself, the bank and the accountant must be confident with how the valuation is performed and explained in the valuation report. A proper valuation also provides a structured representation of the functioning of the hotel and the use of the hotel property. Invast Hotels valuations therefore emphasise:

  • Data analysis of operations
  • Statement of operating details
  • Substantiation of operating forecasts
  • Explanation of the valuation
  • Openness in structure and value models.

During the intake and in-depth interview, our broad experience is often acknowledged and appreciated by the hoteliers. The very fact that we can compare your hotel to other hotels in the market combined with our experience and best practices from the entire hotel market, provides you with extra insight into the position of your hotel and property.

Also, if banks and accountants have any questions or need further clarification, these are always dealt with free of charge. A high-quality valuation report, therefore, reflects well on lenders from which clients benefit as well. Invast Hotels is aware of this!



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