Sales value appraisals

Sales value appraisals

There are approximately 3,500 hotels in the Netherlands and none of these hotels is exactly the same. They differ in terms of size, location, type of construction, facilities and target group of the hotel. This makes each valuation unique and, therefore, also a challenge. The valuation of a hotel requires attention and is always customised, despite the presence of comparison features of course. Yet the specialists of Invast Hotels do not shy away from a challenge in the field of taxation and they know how to successfully conclude a valuation request.

Especially in the event of a sale, it is the valuer’s strength to at the same time estimate the sales possibilities of the hotel property and the business operation. This gives you, as a client, a realistic and well-founded estimate of the sales value on the valuation date.

The most common steps taken during a hotel valuation are described in the following animation.



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