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Hotel purchase

The purchase of a hotel is always an important transaction. We successfully assist buyers to achieve their objective when making such a decision, as well as during the purchase process itself. Thanks to our extensive experience with purchasing and negotiation processes, we at Invast Hotels are an added value for you as a partner in acquisitions.

Professional knowledge, customer focus and discretion are matters that we consider of paramount importance. In addition to an extensive network, Invast Hotels conducts unique hotel research which has resulted in a database of more than 2000 hotels in the Netherlands, listing complete hotel information, including property information. This unique database makes it easier to search for a specific hotel that best suits you. Even if you are already interested in a certain hotel, we offer added value when you decide to buy it.

Our purchase procedure

We prepare the options for purchase in consultation with you, thus enabling targeted searching. The search profile for your purchase is drawn up based on your wishes, ambitions and possibilities, supplemented with our knowledge of the market and hotels that are or will be available. We use this specific search profile to jointly realise the purchase of a hotel that best suits you, in the best location.

Hotel transactions

Throughout the process, Invast Hotels acts as a point of contact for all parties involved and we coordinate all activities. The aim of this is that all processes and agreements are effected as intended and, particularly also, that as few loose ends as possible remain after completion of the transaction.


Feel free to contact us for an appointment to discuss your ideas with us.

The advantages of Invast Hotels are:

  • Operating throughout the Netherlands and international
  • An extensive network and a unique ownership database
  • Extensive knowledge of activities in the hotel world
  • A personal and proactive approach
  • Specialists in hotel property investments

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